Tuesday, January 31, 2017

2017 Session - Week 3

We did it 
We did it 

~Dora the Explorer

There is much to report after the second full week of session. We're one week closer to the halfway point of session, which means committees are meeting for longer and we are spending more time on the House floor as we debate bills.

How to Kill a Bad Bill

On Tuesday, my bill to add Virginia to the National Popular Vote Compact (HB 1482) was heard in committee, along with bills to allocate Virginia's electoral votes by congressional district. Under my bill, Virginia would pledge its electoral votes to the presidential candidate that received the most votes nationwide. That bill was killed in favor of a bill that would have awarded 7 of Virginia's 13 electoral votes to the Donald Trump by using Virginia's very gerrymandered congressional districts to allocate our electoral college votes.

On Wednesday, I started to receive emails, social media posts, and phone calls concerned about reports that the General Assembly might actually start awarding its electoral college votes by congressional district.

That evening, I attended a reception at the Governor's Mansion and shared your concerns with him. Not only did Governor McAuliffe give me permission to tell you he would veto Delegate Cole's bill (HB 1425), he handed my phone to one of his aides and made this video.

On Thursday, I know many of you made calls to Delegate Cole's office to share your concerns about his bill.

By Friday, Delegate Cole had decided to strike HB 1425, saying the Governor was going to veto it anyway. Whatever the reason, I was happy to hear this and know that many of you are as well given the high number of emails, Facebook messages, and calls I received opposing the measure.

Thank the Governor!

I'd like to publicly thank Governor McAuliffe for taking a firm stand against legislation like HB 1425, which only serves to further promote gerrymandering and jeopardize our election system. Click here to thank Governor McAuliffe for making the video with me and sending a clear message that we won't stand for this kind of political maneuvering.